ProductionHone Maxi E2000S


Precise, efficient and reliable production honing

With programmable precision, and de-skilled operational efficiency, the ProductionHone series provides reliable and cost effective production honing. ProductionHone Maxi (E2000S) is ideal for small to medium batches, honing diameters of 1.14 – 80mm. A choice of fixtures and full adjustability make this machine hugely flexible – it is an invaluable staple in engineering production environments. 

Innovative in design, flexible and efficient in operation

  • Electronic control system with Siemens’ digital HMI
  • Fully adjustable stroke length and speed
  • Fully adjustable spindle speed
  • Unique spindle system with integral stone expansion
  • Multi-plane spindle nose
  • Feed movement via precision ballscrew
  • Stable, accurate and repeatable stone adjustment
  • Universal fixture as standard
  • Choice of fixtures for wide range of applications
  • Alignment gauge option
  • Semi-automatic, de-skilled operation

Ideal for:

  • Safety valves
  • Fuel Valves
  • Bushes
  • Gears
  • Hydraulic components
Customised tooling and handmade abrasives are offered by Delapena to further expend the flexibility of this machine.
Precision Control: Reliable accuracy and consistency 
Operational Efficiency: Reduced cost per part 
Versatile and Flexible: Wide ranging application and capability
“The value offered by ProductionHone is operational efficiency. These machines optimise the honing process, combining the precision and reliability of electronically-controlled operation, with the cost saving of de-skilled production. The ProductionHone series is highly adjustable and versatile in application, proving choice and speed to match dynamic demands and consistency to meet the highest quality standards.” 

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