Tandem line hone tooling

delapena make tandem alignment honing tools for aerospace requirements as well as bespoke tooling for all alignment requirements.

Example Setup
Tandem line hone Tandem truing sleeve Component
MT58133/170 MT19002/170 Gear Rib/MLG
MT58133/191/1 MT19003/191/1 Side Stay
MT58133/347/1 MT19033/347/1 Side Stay
MT58133/244 MT19033/244 Gear Rib/MLG
1207 Standard Head MT19065 Retract Jack
MT58133/244 MT19033/244 Gear Rib/MLG
MT58133/355 MT19033/355 Side Stay
1207 standard Head MT19064 Retract Jack
MT79007/611 MT19048/611 Pylon
MT58133/264 MT19039 Gear Rib/MLG
MT58133/382 MT19048 Side Stay
MT58133/150 MT19003/150 Retract Jack

We also make and supply many other variations are setup for different and bespoke applications. Here are some example tooling we have made.

MT79000 Alignment Hone - Midget & Minor head at 130mm centres
MT79001 Alignment Hone - Minor & double Minor head at 723.9mm centres
MT79002 Alignment Hone - Midget heads at 630.46mm centres
MT79003 Alignment Hone - Minor heads with adjustable centres at 185 & 220mm 
MT79004 Alignment Hone - Midget & Minor head [Ø1.25" & 1.9375" bores]
MT79005 Alignment Hone - Standard heads at 197mm centres [Driven from one end only]
MT79006 Alignment Hone - Standard & Junior head at 268mm centres
MT79007 Alignment Hone - Major, Major Head at 611mm centres
MT79008 Alignment Hone - Minor, Minor Head
MT79009 Alignment Hone - Double Minor head
MT79010 Alignment Hone - Double Reduced Midget head Ø22.8
MT58130-XX Midget Alignment Hone
MT58131-XX Minor Alignment Hone
MT58132-XX Junior Alignment Hone
MT58133-XX Standard Alignment Hone