Delapena Extra Honing oil


Delapena Extra Honing Fluid 

Delapena Extra Honing Oil is formulated for use on standard applications that require high tolerances. Delapena Extra is light in colour to improve work piece visibility and improve consistency on smaller components such as: Cylinders, Gears, Control Bushes and Injection Pumps

In order to supply optimum oil we included two key additives:

  • Low misting additives to improve the health and safety standards for the operators using Delapena Extra oil 
  • Anti wear Technology is included to reduce tool wear and improved tool life

Delapena Extra also features better lubricity than lower viscosity oils which only have a flushing action. This improved lubricity provides reduced tool wear, better surface finishes and consistency for your components. Delapena Extra is the ideal honing oil for all materials.


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